A Taste of Spring

Raise your hand if you're tired of the cold, wind and snow. Now, raise your hand if you're ready for warmer weather, greener grass and blooming flowers. Hey—looks like we all have our hands raised. Let's do this Mother Nature!

Sweet Clouds

Now, let's have a little fun. Close your eyes. Real tight. Are they closed? Ok, good! Since it's not quite warm yet, let's image what a warm spring day may look like. You're sitting outside watching the clouds go by. What do you see? We see clouds shaped like a dog, an elephant and…wait…Sherbet Gummi BearsSour Gummi Poppers and Gummi Albunnies! Talk about some yummy clouds. 

Delicious Blooms

Let's see how the garden is doing. Ooooh, looks like those April showers brought some bright and beautiful blue, orange, red, pink and yellow Gummi Awesome Blossoms. Let's pick some and give ‘em a taste. Mmmmmmm. Uh, oh, looks like those mischievous Sanded Gummi Albunnies started nibblin' on your flowers. You may want to put up some chicken wire up to keep ‘em out. 

Tasty Catch

Let's take a stroll to the pond. While we're walking let's see if we can spot any Large Gummi Butterflies or Mini Gummi Butterflies. Wow, looks like the pond is the happenin' place to be. Whoa – look at all those Fruit Gummi Fish—someone's having a luck day. I wonder if they're using Sour Mini Neon Gummi Worms or Large Assorted Fruit Gummi Worms

Ok, now open your eyes. Wasn't that fun? And the best part is we didn't run into any Giant Gummi Rattlesnakes! Thanks for taking that yummy journey with us as we all sit back and wait in anticipation for spring.