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Polar Gummi Bear Cubs

The world's coolest cubs are here! Each little bear cub packs a punch of peppermint flavor, making them a perfect after dinner mint, refreshing snack, and any time treat!

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Customer Reviews (11)

3/5 (Wednesday, 06 January 2021)

I was thinking that I had ordered a red/white mixture last season and so I ordered 10 lbs. Surprise!! I learned my lesson to read the description. They aren't bad if you love peppermint.

5/5 (Sunday, 20 December 2020)

The mint flavor really comes through with these. The best way to describe them would be to compare them to those Christmas tree nougat candies that your grandma buys every year except these taste like a quality candy.

5/5 (Tuesday, 17 December 2019)

These peppermint gummies are amazing for anyone who loves peppermint. I am confused by the people who gave them bad reviews because they are minty. If you don't like mint, then why did you order minty gummies? It states clearly in the description that they are mint.

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