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Polar Gummi Bear Cubs

The world's coolest cubs are here! Each little bear cub packs a punch of peppermint flavor, making them a perfect after dinner mint, refreshing snack, and any time treat!

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Customer Reviews (8)

2/5 (Saturday, 01 December 2018)

Stupid on my part, I did not read that they were peppermint. I ordered the 5 lb bag assuming they were their regular white and red flavors. Dont make the same mistake as I did! I do not care for this flavor at all. Lesson learned.. read the description! Sigh.

4/5 (Tuesday, 16 January 2018)

At first, I didn't much care for these but they grew on me. They are best savored a couple at a time. A slight, refreshing touch of mint. My son loved them from the get-go.
I think these polar bears might get a lower rating from customers because people don't expect a minty gummie.

5/5 (Wednesday, 13 December 2017)

After reading the pro and con reviews, I knew I had to try them, because I am a lover of peppermint. They just arrived today, and I was not disappointed. I was surprised that they were not bears, but letters spelling Merry Christmas.. If you like peppermint, you will enjoy these.

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