It's that time of year. You need to be prepared for quick, unexpected entertaining. Our cheese and chocolate platter is a simple way to feed your friends and look like you are a party boss! Plus we love how a cheese platter makes it easy to gather and talk and laugh and drink and share – what is better than that?

An Easy Cheese Platter

Here are our simple tips for making a perfect cheese platter. Make sure to include a familiar cheese like cheddar or swiss. Think of these as your gateway cheeses. It will make it easy for people to start noshing and try a little of everything. Next, add 3-4 more kinds of cheese that provide a variety of texture and flavors. Think aged, soft, firm, blue. Arrange the cheese on the plate, add some crackers, a couple of pieces of fresh fruit, and then add some of your favorite Albanese Chocolates. The Chocolates are going to be what really makes it!

We love to add a handful of our Milk Chocolate Dried Blueberries and our Milk Chocolate Red Velvet Cherries. Each adds a pop of color to your platter and the chocolate and dried fruit combo pairs well with both creamy semi-soft kinds of cheese and aged cheeses with more complexity.

Another go-to is our Milk and Dark Chocolate Bridge Mix. It has a little of everything and can play up the features of many different kinds of cheese. We love that this bridge mix features surprises like our Milk Chocolate Malt Balls and Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel. It just makes it more fun.

Another special pairing we like to include is some of our Dark Chocolate English Toffee with Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch. It is fun to provide a little sweet crunch to contrast the texture of the cheeses.

Easier than a Cheese Platter

Need to be ready at a moment's notice. For a super simple cheese platter, quickly soften a block of cream cheese and cover with pepper jelly, surround with strong crackers so you can scoop up the jelly and cream cheese mixture. It's seriously good. We love to pair this with our new Milk Chocolate Banana Bread Pecans for a sweet treat.

The Easiest Option

Needs something even easier? Nothing is easier than pouring one of our delicious mixes in a bowl. Whether you choose our Spicy Cajun Kickers Snack Mix, or our Party Mix, or go for our Deluxe Mixed Nuts, you can't go wrong!

We hope this helps get you ready for fall entertaining. With easy, easier, and easiest options we've got you covered. Make sure to share your fall entertaining photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We'd love to hear your favorite chocolate and cheese pairings too.