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Blue Gummi Sharks

These sharks are too yummy to be afraid of!

Flavor: Firecracker Popsicle Flavor

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Customer Reviews (13)

5/5 (Saturday, 20 February 2021)

I could not stop eating them. Ive had other brands blue gummi sharks and Albanese blows them out of the water hands down! They are super soft and have a great blue raspberry flavor. Now if they would just come back in stock already!

5/5 (Thursday, 25 June 2020)

Really good, as always from Albanese!

I got these as a free sample with my purchase. The only thing I'm left wanting is a nutrition label. I'm a type 1 diabetic so these are used a a hypo treatment. 2 gummies seems to be about right so I'm guessing it's around 15g carb for that amount;

HOWEVER, I appreciate that MOST consumers will want flavor > macros which is why I'm giving a 5 star review. These are really good to the point where I WISH my blood sugar was low more often so that I could eat these! lolol jk!

1/5 (Monday, 13 April 2020)

These taste awful! The $1 bags at our local dollar store taste better than these. So disappointing considering how amazing all the other varieties of gummies are that we have tried from this company. Would not recommend.

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