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Gummi Kabob

An assortment of gummies!

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Candy purchased on our website is offered in bulk packaging and/or retail packaging. Our bulk products are packaged in clear zip bags with the Albanese logo. Our retail packaging is what you would purchase in a retail store.

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Customer Reviews (6)

5/5 (Saturday, 05 September 2020)

It is an assortment of yummy Albanese gummies on a stick! Bring me more please. Made in the USA

5/5 (Wednesday, 03 June 2020)

Oh, come on. It's a variety of gummi candies on a stick. Click on the photo to zoom in! Some cute little candy factory worker puts on a pair of gloves, stabs a bunch of candy onto a barbeque bamboo stick, wraps it in cellophane, adds a twist tie, and ties a pair of ribbons on it. It's pretty obvious. Maybe they change up the flavors and that's why they don't list them. One star? Sheesh! Eat some more candy and smile. :)

5/5 (Tuesday, 26 May 2020)

I'm going to second the rating before me! Tsk, tsk and shame on the first reviewer. They must not feel the absolute LOVE that goes into EVERY product from Albanese, cause if they did, they'd know that we're all family and we don't do things like that! 😂❤️ Keep doing what you do Albanese! You're the gummi people I never knew I needed and we don't deserve you 😭 WE LOVE YOU!

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