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Ultimate 8 Flavor Gummi Bears

How did the World's Best create the ULTIMATE™ gummi?


The same unsettling obsession, unmatched standards, and relentless pursuit that brought you the World's Best 12 Flavor Gummi Bears® just created the ULTIMATE™ gummi. By combining natural flavors and colors from real fruits and vegetables with our signature texture - The World's Best just got even BIGGER.

Why? Because we love food. We believe good food brings people together. And when we are together, we are unstoppable.

Flavors Include: Alphonso Mango, Amity Raspberry, Asian Pear, Black Currant, Blood Orange, Crimson Cranberry, Fuji Apple & Queen Pineapple.

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Candy purchased on our website is offered in bulk packaging and/or retail packaging. Our bulk products are packaged in clear zip bags with the Albanese logo. Our retail packaging is what you would purchase in a retail store.

2.5 oz Bag
1.49 52483-6
5 oz Bag Resealable
2.49 52481-2
7.75 oz Bag Resealable
3.79 52480-5
25 oz Family Share Bag
7.99 52482-9
0.75 oz Fun Size Bag- Single Package
0.25 53486-7
0.75 oz Fun Size Bag- 1 Case (200 Bags)
39.99 52486-3
$50.00 $39.99

Free sample of California Trail Mix - No Salt with any online purchase of $15 or more before shipping and tax.

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Customer Reviews (63)

5/5 (Friday, 31 July 2020)

Everyone complaining that they need to put out a 1 pound bag ... 25 ounces is a pound and a half +1 ounce.

5/5 (Tuesday, 28 July 2020)

Freaking amazing. I bought these before Covid and saved them until all the other treats I bought were done. Now I finally tried the new ULTIMATE gummies.

Firstly they need 1 and 5 lb options for buying ASAP. Second they each taste like you are sipping a fruit juice of that very flavor (some more than others) and it's incredible. Third and final is how soft they are. I just had dental work done and gummies are my weakness but damn can they hurt the teeth and jaw at times. These are like chewing clouds.

Definitely in my top 3 gummies of all time list. Will be buying again.

5/5 (Monday, 27 July 2020)

First time i bought some gummies
I got a ripped bag told them about it and they shipped me a replacement same week, great customer service

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