Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate The 51st Earth Day The Ultimate Way

The 51st Earth Day is on Thursday, April 22, 2021. On this day, we are reminded just how important our planet is to us, and we show appreciation for the countless resources it provides every living species on it. How lucky are we to live here?! 🌍

This year's Earth Day theme is “Restore Our Earth” and due to the world around us at this moment, many events will take place virtually, like environmental lectures and films. And what goes best with such events? Why your favorite snacks, of course! But not just any snack, we recommend bringing along our award-winning, natural Ultimate 8 Flavor Gummi Bears. These innovative, true-to-fruit gummies with colors made from real fruits and vegetables were created to celebrate one of the best things our Earth gives us! We swear, they taste just like you are biting into a piece of real fruit that came from this glorious planet we live on. So what better natural snack than the Ultimate for this day? If you're digging this way to celebrate Earth Day, check out a catalogue of events at

Of course, there are more ways to celebrate our Earth than just watching lectures and films. So, we put together a short list of easy ways to show appreciation on this inspiring holiday:

1. Spend Time Outside Spend the afternoon reading in your backyard or at the park and pay attention to everything around you. Take a walk or ride your bike around, and make sure to take in all the oxygen of the trees and plants surrounding you.

2. Plant Something Whether a small tree or bush, or a simple potted flower, planting outside in your backyard is a great way to give back to our planet. It will return the favor by giving you fresh oxygen to breathe.
3. Celebrate Our Animals Put a bird or squirrel feeder (or both!) and sit outside and watch those babies run around and appreciate their Earth too!

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Earth Day, make sure you bring along your favorite natural snacks to remind you of all things good our planet gives us. May this year's Earth Day be the Ultimate celebration for all!