Inside Our Natural Gummi Line


Ahh… the month of February is usually pretty sweet. Between holiday treats left over from the season (well, maybe), Valentine's/Galentine's Day, and Superbowl parties, we are destined to indulge in our favorite snacks the whole month. That's why we thought launching our newest natural creation would be better left for March, when all of us will be searching for something a little more on the lighter side, but still equally as delicious as our favorite treats.


Inside Our Natural Gummi Line

Our natural gummi line, launched in 2020, is a testament to our unstoppable pursuit to deliver a superior-tasting gummi with zero artificial flavors and colors. Inspired by our fans desperately in need of an allergen free, all-natural gummi with robust flavor and perfect texture, our natural line offers fans another reason to treat your tastebuds to the World's Best Gummies. Because why not love your favorite gummies even more when they have natural flavors and colors made from real fruits and vegetables?

Our fans asked, and we delivered, because that's what we do at Albanese. We love you guys, and we always pull through for you with the most flavorful gummies in the world, packed with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and made in the USA. Whether you're looking to replace your afternoon craving with something a little more natural, or in need of a fruity snack for when you're on the go, you will feel good about snacking on our delicious, juicy, natural gummies. We take them with us everywhere we go!

And if you haven't yet, we also highly recommend sinking your teeth into our juicy 5 Natural Flavor Gummi Bears, your favorite little bears with no artificial flavors or colors. And for the days you're looking for a natural gummi snack that tastes like you're biting into a ripe, juicy, piece of fruit — dive into the Ultimate 8 Flavor Gummi Bears for the Ultimate Enjoyment of the most innovative fruit flavors we've yet to create. It's fun to mix things up sometimes and you can add these to your cart now, so get on it.

We are wishing all our Fans a February filled with love, friendship, and something naturally sweet. Make sure you follow us on social and sign up for our emails so you can be the first in the know when our 5 Natural Flavor Gummi Worms hit the shelves, and to stay connected to all of our fun giveaways and deals on your favorite sweet treats from the World's Best!