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Fall Gummi Pumpkins

Fresh out of the Albanese Pumpkin Patch! Orange, Lemon & Wild Cherry Gummi Pumpkins. Don't miss out on these cuties as they only come around once a year!

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5/5 (Saturday, 28 December 2019)

Wow, these are bigger than I expected. I thought these would be the size of a dime or penny, but they're actually the size of a half dollar coin! Not that I'm complaining!

I didn't expect to like the lemon flavor so much! It's very sweet and not sour at all! The wild cherry has the most intense flavor out of the three.

The lemon is yellow. The orange is orange (duh!). Red is wild cherry. When these gummies are piled together, they look like a soft blend of warm colors and it's hard to make out the specific colors unless you look carefully.

Amongst the fall gummies. The fall mini gummy worms is my favorite. These would be the second. Spooktacular was decent, but I'm not really into them.

You gotta try the pumkin spice maltballs. You can taste the pumkin spice in the chocolate part! They only have them during the Halloween season.

5/5 (Friday, 04 October 2019)

Love this mix of flavors my favorite mix!!!!

5/5 (Sunday, 05 November 2017)

So flavorful-can't get enough of them!

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