National Gummi Bear Day is July 15th


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July 15, 2017

National Gummi Bear Day is back, and so is our BIG 5 lb Gummi Bear!

In honor of this sweet day, we are heading over to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on July 15th to start a #yummigummi conversation & contest. Join in the fun and comment on our National Gummi Bear Day social media posts for your chance to win an exclusive treat!

What's the BIG deal?

Have you ever seen a candy so cute? A little over 30 years ago Albanese reinvented the Gummi Bear with our World's Best recipe that creates a unique soft chew.  Since then our fans have been hooked on the Bears with the "A" and demanded that their favorite bears be celebrated! So we decided to celebrate in a big way!

Want to Win?

On July 15th we'll be giving away limited edition five pound Albanese Gummi Bears to some of our luckiest fans and friends. You won't find these gummi bears in stores, so you'll want to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram for more information. Then on July 15th make sure to join the #yummigummi conversation. We'll have special National Gummi Bear Day posts, and we'll award our 5 lb bears to some of our luckiest fans all day long! All you need to do is comment, and you'll be entered to win.

​Congrats to All Our Winners

Bryan S.

Andrea P.

Caper B.

Sara L.

Mara H.

Shelia C.

Donna B.

Janice F.

Angie P.

Jonathan C.

Bradley M.

Rebecca B.

Gina P.

Michelle S.

Andrea P.

Vinessa V.

Christie L.

Nick (I)

Elizabeth (I)

Donna (F)

Kevin B.

Desirae D.

Stella M.

Bri S.