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Green Apple Gummi Bears

You know what they say an apple a day ... Our Green Apple Gummi Bears taste just like the real thing - sweet and tart with a soft gummi chew that is uniquely Albanese.

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5/5 (Saturday, 01 April 2017)

I have never like gummy bears. They stick to my dentures and taste like flavored plastic. My friend would buy the 12 flavored mini gummy bears and beg me to try them and I would always say "No, I hate gummy bears! I even hate the smell of them" which normally is true. One day after visiting my friend, my husband and I are driving home and he opens a bag that she had bought him and I caught the smell and I thought "wow, those smell good" so I tried one. I am hooked. They taste like fruit snacks!!! I buy from the site because I only like certain flavors but these gummies are the best in the world!!! More people need to hear about them, they could put Haribo out of business!!!

5/5 (Tuesday, 07 February 2017)


5/5 (Tuesday, 06 December 2016)

It has been a while since I had a big bag of these. They are still a bit too cold to eat, but I couldn't wait and they are great.

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