May 24th 2021

Hello Spring

Hello Spring

May 24th 2021

Goodbye Winter

March is that tricky, confusing month. Our beloved winter holidays and cold snowy days are long behind us. But March also wraps us softly in warmth with season of rebirth and rejuvenation.

For over 30 years, it's been the Albanese mission to make your days brighter and more memorable with high-quality food made right here in the USA. Last winter was no different. Between sweetening your winter days with yummy gummi and chocolatey treats, to the launch of our ULTIMATE™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™, we haven't slowed down.

We're so grateful we had another season of winter with our fans and that we were finally able to bring you our new natural ULTIMATE™ gummi line (9 years in the making). Now we're ready for springtime!

Hello Spring, You're Here Early

If you haven't heard yet — this century's “Roaring Twenties” is delivering the Northern Hemisphere the earliest spring in 124 years! That's right, the Farmer's Almanac predicts this year's spring equinox to occur on March 19, minutes to hours earlier than its typical day of March 20. Thinking of extra springtime, whether minutes or hours, makes us so happy at Albanese!

That's because, just like our ingredients, we pay attention to all the little “extras” that go into our lives. It's why we work so hard to give you the World's Best Gummies and Candy — we know every ingredient and every moment count. Our fans keep coming back for this reason — they tell us they can taste the difference in our candy.

Springing into ULTIMATE™ Madness

We're adding a “gummi” on top of this year's crazy month. Fans can play ULTIMATE™ Madness on our Facebook page — the Tournament of Flavor to crown the best gummi bear flavor. Yes, of course there are prizes (you were asking right?).

Watch for our email or head over to our Facebook to vote on your favorite flavors in our ULTIMATE™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™. To find out what winners receive, you'll have to visit us on Facebook. But don't delay, the time is now.

Now that's an ULTIMATE™ early spring.