Jun 3rd 2021

June is National Candy Month!

June is National Candy Month!

Jun 3rd 2021

June Is National Candy Month!

Celebrate With The World’s Best Gummies!

Founded by the National Confectioner’s Association, National Candy Month is all about celebrating the value that confections add to our lives—and the great part is that we get to celebrate by eating candy! For the 100+ years candy has been produced, it has rewarded us with joyous taste buds, sweetened moments, and a whole lotta fun. Not to mention the opportunity it has offered family-owned companies like Albanese and the tremendous economic impact it’s had on America! Now that’s something to celebrate.

Gummi Bears, our signature confection, are notably one of the post popular sweet treats around, and we can already hear the celebration out there for these magnificent treats! When we founded our company over 30 years ago, we set out to make a gummi unlike any other. And exactly that we did. Through new formulation and technology, we became the first and only to achieve a breakthrough in the flavor release of gelatin. Candy lovers all over celebrated the highest-quality, best-tasting gummi in the world, with an unmatched flavor, texture, and freshness. And we never stop looking forward, we have a relentless pursuit to keep pushing for the next best gummi. But if you’re reading this, you already know all about our gummies and you know you want to celebrate National Candy Month with your favorite sweets, the World’s Best Gummies.

We’ve got you covered with ideas on how to celebrate the holiday with your favorite Gummi Bears. It’s going to be a delicious month!

1. Dress Up Your Celebration Drinks.

Our bears make perfect garnish for your favorite beverage! Whether you’re sipping your favorite mixed drink or a virgin cocktail, add some fresh and fruity bites of your favorite flavors! We recommend our 12 Flavor Gummi Bears®—add some Strawberry to that Gin and Fizz, a little Lime to that classic Margarita, or a taste of Cherry to that Arnold Palmer. They’re the perfect chewy snack to go with your drink, especially once they soak up that tasty beverage!

2. Sweeten Up A Weekend Road Trip.

Pick a place on the map that makes you happy (within driving distance, of course), grab your pals and your gummies, and head out on that road! Roll down the windows, take in the scenery, and unwind with your favorite gummi treats! We recommend our Freedom Gummi Collection—patriotic Freedom Gummi Bears, sour Freedom Gummi Rings, Gummi Jet Fighters bursting with fruity flavor, and more! Grab your gummies and soar into your freedom drive to rejoice in all that candy brings to us!

3. Transport Your Taste Buds To Your Happy Place

A fantastic way to celebrate the holiday all month is to bring your fresh, juicy, fruity, gummies with you everywhere you go to remind you… Life Is Sweet! Add some ice cream swirls to your roller-skating day with our Sherbet Gummi Bears™, grab a family share bag of our 12 Flavor Gummi Bears® for family night around the new record table, and make sure you bring our Ultimate™ 8 flavor Gummi Bears™ with natural flavors and colors from real fruits and vegetables for that hike. Bringing your favorite bears with you to celebrate every moment will surely leave you feeling pretty sweet.

Happy National Candy Month! Life Is Sweet!