Soak Up The Yummy Gummi This Summer

Soak Up The Yummy Gummi This Summer

Jul 30th 2021

Soak Up The Yummy Gummi This Summer

We love The Gummi with the “A” on the Tummy™! The best flavor, the best texture, the best ingredients. Gummies are the World’s Best fresh and fruity snack during the summer, it’s no wonder our taste buds have been in love with them for nearly a century.

From hanging with us at the pool to sweetening up our parties to hiking up that trail by our side, our little fruity pals are always there to make sure our bellies are happy. That’s why we put together this list of sweet ways to soak up the yummy gummi all summer long:

Sweeten Up Your Every Day

  • Add chewy gummies to your homemade popsicles or ice cubes to sweeten up any beverage (thank you Tupperware®!).
  • Kick it old school with a water gun and balloon fight—winners get to pick their favorite flavor blaster as their prize!
  • Bring your bears with you everywhere. Take them to the pool, beach, even on errands… it’s like having your best pals with you all the time.
Sweeten Up Your Parties

  • Candy Kabobs are the perfect party flavor favors! Just string your favorite fruity gummies, (maybe throw in some chocolate if they’ll be indoors) and voila! Or let guests make their own and wrap them up to take home.
  • Freeze your gummies or kabobs to serve as a refreshing, fruity snack.
  • We can’t say this enough, gummies are a sweet garnish on just about anything! Throw some sour bears into that Piña Colada to give it a twist or add some Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears to that velvety, fluffy Angel Food Cake.
Sweeten Up Your Outdoor Activities

  • Grab a family size bag of gummi worms for a day at the lake. Everyone will be hooked!
  • Take some true-to-fruit Ultimate™ Gummies on your hike. What goes better with nature than natural flavors and colors from real fruits and vegetables?
  • Whether you’re hitting the big concert stadium or the local park pavilion, you know you want your favorite juicy, chewy, fruity snack there by your side to rock out.
Now it’s time for you to go grab your summer gummies. And don’t forget, it’s almost time to grab those back-to-school lunch snack surprises too! Enjoy the rest of summer!