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Sugar Free Assorted Fruit Gummi Bears

These Sugar Free* Gummies are as tasty as the original Gummies, and they also come in 6 assorted flavors. Flavors include: Cherry, Strawberry, Green Apple, Pineapple, Lemon, and Orange.

*Consumption may cause stomach discomfort and/ or laxative effect. Individual tolerance will vary.

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Customer Reviews (40)

5/5 (Tuesday, 26 January 2021)

I love these gummi tast great

3/5 (Monday, 25 January 2021)

If you are backed up, or need to get ready for a colonoscopy these gummies will be your best friend. 1 small bag and 3 hours in I was feeling the rumble, 8 hours and my colon must be as clean as whistle. Never again will these sweet delicious treats hit my lips unless I'm ready to be by the toilet for a while.

3/5 (Monday, 04 January 2021)

I have not tried these yet. I was reading the reviews people left about having blowouts in the bathroom. I also tried to find the actual ingredients for these little creatures that everyone likes except for their gastrointestinal tract does not. I CANNOT find the ingredients on the Albanese website, so I went to Amazon and found the ingredients there!! The first ingredient is Maltitol Syrup! That should tell us something AND 20 grams of sugar alcohol per serving! That is enough to cause a volcanic eruption! I love Albanese gummy bears, but will stay far enough from the Sugar Free ones as I can. It is a shame because I love these gummy bears, but can no long have sugar, and I DO NOT want to enjoy the intestinal issues that others have also enjoyed! (I have been told that if you have a bad reaction to sugar alcohol, stay away from any ingredient ending in...itol.)

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