It's Time for Some Silly Summer Fun
It's been a wacky first half of 2020 for sure. That's why we are so grateful for summer. Can we get a “Woot! Woot!” for being able to hang outdoors in great weather! Albanese has just as much fun sweetening up your summer moments as you have eating the World's Best Gummies and Chocolates. It's true! Whether you're lying by the poolside, hitting up the waves, or playing your favorite sport, we love being a part of your summer fun. That's what we're here for — for you. We built the sweetest candy company for you. We invented the best flavor and texture gummi bears for you. We came up with the natural flavored, true-to-fruit Ultimate 8 Flavor Gummi Bears for you (Hello 2020 Nexty Consumer Choice Award Winner!). You get the point. We are loyal to our fans.
Not only did we invent the best gummies in the world for you, we also came up with so many fun shapes, sizes, and flavors! Like our Gummi Rainforest Frogs — each one has two flavors—Blue Raspberry/Orange, Strawberry/Grape, and Sour Lemon/Sour Green Apple. But BEWARE! These frogs are just as dangerous as the real ones—because you can't stop eating them! 😋 Let's see what else… oh, yes, how about some Gummi Strawberry Banana Rings! They are bright, sanded with sugar, and they have a nice juicy bite! If that's not your flavor, our gummi rings come in other flavors like Apple and Watermelon. We love our patriotic Freedom Rings in Blue Raspberry/Cherry — they taste amazing! We are proud to say that our gummies are made right here in the USA. 🇺🇸
Summer is also the perfect season for our ice cream inspired gummies like our Sherbet Gummi Bears and Milk Chocolate Orange Cream Gummi Bearsicles. Can you say delicious treats? You can even store them in the freezer and eat them chilled! 
Ultimate Summer Evenings
It's hard to believe we are already in August. The “dog days of summer” (a.k.a. the hottest days of the year) have arrived for sure. These are the days we look forward to unwinding at night — backyard cool breeze, beautiful bright stars, and family to remind us of what's important. While things are much different this summer than in the past, some new things are good. Like our new Ultimate 8 Flavor Gummi Bears. These gummies have natural flavors, colors from real fruits and vegetables, and they literally taste like you just bit into a real piece of fruit. What better sweet snack to unwind with? 👂Anyone? Anyone?
Everyone who knows us, knows that our commitment to quality and taste is unmatched. We have always strived to make the highest quality, best tasting gummies on the planet—that's why our fans coined us the World's Best. The Ultimate Gummi line was no different. These true-to-fruit flavor gummies don't sacrifice our signature texture or taste, and we are excited about the feedback we have received from fans so far. The 8 Ultimate flavors include: the bold, tart Queen Pineapple; the king Alphonso Mango; the earthy-berry Black Currant; the intense Blood Orange; the sweet-honey Fuji Apple; the rich Crimson Cranberry; the superior Amity Raspberry; and the signature Asian Pear. They sound amazing, right? We aren't even sure if these are gummies or real fruit. We will let you decide.
Ultimate stargazing, Ultimate food, and Ultimate time with family. Whatever your plans are for these hot summer nights, make sure you treat everyone to something both fun and delicious—something really Ultimate.