May 24th 2021

A World On Pause

A World On Pause

May 24th 2021


With an uncertain world suddenly surrounding us, we can appreciate how many reflections you've probably read by now. We know our fans are good people doing good things in a world that needs them. And we know that we will use the strength that each of us brings to our communities to get through these uncertain times together.

More than ever, we are reminded how much family means to us at a time like this, even if they might be driving us a little crazy while we're all confined in our homes together. But that's family and we're so grateful to have them. So much so, that we know we're all sharing our gummies (and toilet paper) with each other — even if we might be low on supply. Right?

When it comes to moments, we're kind of experts. Albanese was founded on the principle of quality moments spent with quality food and loved ones — because this is what makes life so wonderful and deserving. For this reason, we shouldn't allow anything to stop us from celebrating and appreciating each other.

We all have a little extra time on our hands. So, pull everyone out of their confined rooms and get your World's Best Gummies out of your hiding place — play a board game, watch a classic movie, and just spend time together talking. The more we do this with each other, the more the joy and sweetness will spread throughout the world and unite us in a smile.

We hope our fans are able to use this “pause” in the world to make the most of the extra time spent with those we love the most.


Easter is the most important feast day in the Christian calendar; therefore, we honor it by putting good food around the family table and eating. While our delicious chocolates and nuts can be ordered, this year's Easter will prove difficult for most of us to find a way to spend time with everyone important to us.

With today's technology though, we are blessed with the opportunity to connect with each other through multiple ways, be it social media or video chatting. We encourage our fans to connect with one another as they observe Easter — share your photos and videos with each other and online to raise spirits, spread smiles, and encourage a sweeter, more united world.

We'd love to hear how Albanese has contributed to your Easter moments, so be sure to share them with us at #albaneseeastermoments. It will certainly bring a smile to the Albanese family!

Luckily "socially distancing" is not required for bears, so our World's Best Gummi Bears are sending you the biggest bear hug during this difficult time.

We're in this together.