Apr 13th 2022



Apr 13th 2022

Easter season has arrived and that means The World’s Best Easter Candy Collection has dropped on our website! We guarantee our juicy, fruity gummies shaped like Easter eggs and our adorable Albunnies will have everybunny’s taste buds hoppin’ for joy around the table. They are only here for the season, so we suggest grabbing your holiday gummies now, before they leave the patch.

If you’re looking for new ways to make your Easter table chic and innovative, we have a few ideas that won’t break the bank or take too much time from all that cooking ahead. Here are three simple ideas to make this year’s table egg-straordinary.

Easter Table Centerpiece

Glass jars can be converted into beautiful table decorations very easily and can be coordinated to display across the table or together as one big centerpiece. You can purchase new jars from your local dollar store, or you can clean off coffee or juice bottles. The great thing is you can mix and match sizes and styles if you want, because it’s all about being unique!

Fill up your jars with colorful sweet treats like our pastel Eggstra Special Gummies, our bright Eggstravant Gummies, and our springtime Gummi Albunnies. Next, we add the bunny ears! You can use any paper you have on hand, but a slightly thicker stock will work better. Cut out bunny ears to attach to each jar. If you’re using white paper, use a pink marker to make a thick line in the middle of each ear to highlight those adorable bunny ears. Tape to the back of the jar and there you have it, a bunny! The great thing about this is that your guests can take them home as Easter Favors!

Plate Decorations

Grab your best cloth napkins in your favorite spring color and create an Easter Bunny to place on the top of the plate. Here’s how:

Fold the cloth napkin into a triangle, then fold/roll up like a bandana, and lastly fold in half and tie into Easter Bunny ears. Sweeten them up with some Sanded Gummi Albunnies in the center of the face. Your guests will be so hoppy just to sit down at their plate!

Check out our Pinterest page for more details!

Add a Touch of Spring

Our fan-favorite Mini Gummi Butterflies say SPRING! to everyone around them. Fill up a few decorative bowls with these, and your guests will be fluttering around the table for more!

If you have sweet and savory lovers, make sure you put out some of our festive Easter Peanut Mix and Bunny Tracks Mix filled with freshly roasted nuts and flecks of springtime bites of sweetness. These are the perfect pre-dinner treat to have next to each plate or you can wrap them individually in small decorative bags (hello dollar store again) if you want to give them another treat to take home!

Now get to all the planning, Easter will be here before we know it. We’re wishing all our fans a World’s Best Easter. We hope it’s sweet and beautiful!