Sep 4th 2022

Flavorful Fall Feasting

Flavorful Fall Feasting

Sep 4th 2022

A flavorful fall includes ripe and fruity, rich and chocolatey… and all things pumpkin spice. Here’s a list of our favorite fall treats, including a recipe for our World’s Best Pumpkin Spice Malt Ball Mousse! And let us tell you—OMG it is so delish!

We are also excited to tell you about our new 12 Flavor Gummi launching this fall!

Ripe and Fruity Flavors

Freshly picked intense, fruity flavors are part of what makes fall so delicious. Our World’s Best Brand is always ripe for the picking! However, every year we’re sure to release some extra special flavors and shapes just for the season:

  • Fall Gummi Pumpkins—these fruity cuties are bite-sized and packed with Orange, Lemon & Wild Cherry flavors! So cute you might not eat them—just kidding, you’ll eat them all.
  • Our Fall Mini Gummi Worms are always a fan favorite with two intense flavors in one! Fresh Lemon, Orange & Black Cherry, soft and chewy, they are the perfect creepy crawler for the Halloween season!
  • When it comes time to brew up something wicked, our Spooktacular Gummi Mix is the perfect assortment with Orange flavored jack-o'-lanterns, Grape flavored kittens, and Green Apple flavored witches' broomsticks. It will cast a spell on your taste buds for sure!
  • If you want to be the best house on the block for your little ghouls and goblins this year, don’t forget to grab our Halloween Multipacks! They come in a frightful assortment of counts and bag sizes, including 0.5 oz. individual bags. Order them here or grab them at your local retailer! Check out our retail finder to find the closest one to you.

Rich and Chocolatey Flavors

Our Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls and Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Caramels are only here for the season! Smooth and creamy chocolate, gooey caramel, big crunch, and packed with the ripest pumpkin flavor known only to the World’s Best. C’mon just go put them in your cart already, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Looking for something special? Try one of our fall chocolate suckers! Choose from Milk Chocolate White Mummy, Milk Chocolate Orange Pumpkin, or Milk Chocolate Leaf. Mmmmm…

Of course, our fan-favorite chocolates are always here to delight in… choose from Dark Chocolate Almonds, Milk Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts, Milk Chocolate Meltaways with Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears, and so much more! Check out our chocolate shop to sweeten up your season!

How To Make Our Divine Pumpkin Spice Malt Ball Mousse

If you want to make something extra-special this season, here’s a simple recipe for you to try! Serve it up at your next get together or just make it for yourself! Who deserves it more than you?

Crust Recipe:

2 Cups Crushed Chocolate Graham Crackers; ½ Cup Chopped Albanese Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls; 1 Tablespoon Sugar; 7 Tablespoons Melted Butter

Chocolate Mousse Recipe:

3 Packages Soft Cream Cheese; ¼ Cup Sour Cream; 1 ½ Cup Powdered Sugar; 1 ½ Cup Melted Chocolate


1. Add chopped malt balls to your graham cracker crust and press into bottom of circle molds.

2. Whip mousse ingredients together, add to circle molds and refrigerate for 4 hours.

3. Garnish with shortbread cookie and pumpkin spice malt ball.

4. Finish with cocoa powder dusting.

5. Enjoy!

And lastly, our big news!

Coming October We're Introducing Our NEW Sour 12 Flavor Mini Gummi Worms™!

You spoke, we listened. Five sour gummi worm flavors were not enough, so we made them in your favorite intense Sour 12 Flavors known only to the World’s Best! Find them in our online store or select retailers nationwide. We can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into them!