Oct 4th 2021

The World's Best Halloween Tips, Tricks, & Treats

The World's Best Halloween Tips, Tricks, & Treats

Oct 4th 2021

Make it a scary-good Halloween for all your little ghosts and goblins in the house and neighborhood with these hauntingly fun tips, tricks and treats.

Terror-ific Tips:

1. Eat, drink and be scary! Our treat size bags are perfect for your trick or treaters, and let us remind you—they are the only way to maintain your status as the house that gives out the World’s Best Halloween Treats.

2. Shop early for your Halloween Multipacks in retailers. Otherwise you’ll have to ask for a trick from the sweet little ghoul at your door. Our treat size multipacks are new to the Target Halloween section this year and we expect them to fly off the shelves! But hath no fear, you can also find them in other major retailers like CVS, Kroger, Publix, Party City, JOANN Stores and more.

3. Order online early. You can always shop our Halloween Multipacks online here if you order early, or be sure to check out curbside pickup from our online retailers.

Tantalizing Tricks:

Make scary movie night a spooky-sweet event with these easy tricks.

1. Spooktacular Pumpkins Add some Fall Mini Gummi Worms and Fall Gummi Pumpkins to your jack-o-lantern’s mouth to create a both frightful and delightful ambience.

2. Halloween Party Favors Spooktacular Gummi Mix, Caramel Apple Pie Mix—you name the flavors. Create separate bags so everyone gets their favorite or mix them up for a special brew just from you!

3. Char-BOO-terie Boards Candy charcuterie boards, otherwise known as ‘CharBOOterie’, will help you raise the spirits of all the sugar-lovers around. Lay out our Yogurt and Milk Chocolate Double Stuffed Cream Filled Cookie made with Oreos® and we guarantee everyone will be under your spell.

4. Halloween Ice Cream Shakes Listen, if you want to get someone to shake-in in their boots on movie night, you need to make them the World’s Best Halloween Milkshake. Grab your favorite ice cream flavor, add some bewitching orange syrup or frosting, and top it with soft, chewy, fruity creepy crawlers.

Want to see some of these ideas come to life? Come hang out with us on social, it’s all there waiting for you!

Tempting Treats:

After all that hard work, you most certainly deserve something hex-cellent for yourself, and that includes our limited-time pumpkin delights! Crunchy Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls or ooey-gooey Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Caramels? You get to decide, just make sure you grab them before they leave our patch for the season.
Have a happy Halloween and an awesomely delicious autumn season!