February. The month of love. Of course, the second month of the year got its tagline because of Valentine's Day. At Albanese, we LOVE Valentine's Day. The kind of care and attention that we put into our food is rivaled only by someone placing a great deal of thought and effort into their Valentine's Day plans this year.





But let's be cautious in limiting love to just romantic relationships. After all, we may all agree that love is a game worth playing, but some of us aren't exactly winning right now. So let's pause a moment to acknowledge that while we might not be in a relationship, there is still much to celebrate when it comes to love. 


Love is all around us. If we look hard enough, we will notice. The dictionary describes love as a verb, meaning "to like or desire actively — take pleasure in, or thrive in." Viewing love this way allows us to see it everywhere, every day. 





So what are the things we love? What do we take pleasure in? Where do we thrive? What or whom do we simply like? 


It could be a show or movie we swear is the best, an artist or band, a sports team, reading, sleeping in, a walk through the woods, or your favorite flavor found in our assortment of World's Best gummi bears. And we're sure we can all agree on travel and vacation! Can we get an "amen" from all city explorers, road trippers, beach bums, camping minimalists, family visitors, and all-inclusive carefree cruisers? 


The things we love could include that grandparent who, when you're around them, you feel at home. Safe, loved, and well-fed. Or maybe it's a pet. That fur baby, bird, or reptile that brings you so much joy and indeed is part of the family. And what about our friends? Those people that we feel so comfortable being ourselves around. The ones who make us laugh and get excited about gathering for a game night because you know they're bringing some Albanese candy too! 

And then there's that one friend. The bestie. The one you can spend a whole day talking, shopping, and eating with and in all the places you love — pausing for that very important and necessary selfie, and jumping on that other thing we all love to let everyone know where we are and who we're with. If you don't share it on social media, it didn't happen. Right? 




And let's not forget about the universal love that people everywhere share in common: food. We all enjoy good food and have our favorite spots we frequent with that one item on the menu we get every time. While we know that you enjoy a wide variety of foods, we're honored to be one of the brands you love, and enjoy being alongside you, the World's Best fan, as you go about enjoying all the things you love.