Sweet Treats for Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Show your affection by giving a loved one the World's Best. And, there's no need to fight the crowds while last minute shopping at the local mall or florist. All you need to do is place an order on our website and we'll deliver the sweet treats right to your door. Valentine's Day has never been easier!

Who Needs Cupid's Arrow When You Have Chocolates?

We can't think of a better way to say, "be mine" than with our luscious chocolates. From rich milk chocolate to decadent dark chocolate, all of our fresh, delicious chocolates are made from the finest ingredients. Here are a few ideas: our Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordials are made of sweet and juicy maraschino cherries covered in to-die-for dark chocolate. Or there's our Milk Chocolate English Toffee with Sea Salt made with sweet, buttery toffee that's coated in yummy milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. And for those who can't choose between milk and dark chocolate there's our Milk and Dark Chocolate All Nut Bridge Mix that includes fresh gourmet nuts wrapped in indulgent milk and dark chocolate. 

Get All the Xs and Os with Our Valentine Gummies

What says, "I love you" more than our World's Best Valentine's gummies? Absolutely nothing! Try our Gummi Hugs & Kisses that come in the shape of Xs and Os and include flavors such as grape, pineapple and strawberry. There's also our classic red and white Valentine Gummi Bears that feature wild cherry and strawberry-banana flavors. And if your loved one prefers sour over sweet, there's our Sour Gummi Hearts that have a slight sour coating that add a little pucker to our wild cherry and strawberry banana flavors.   

Be Fun and Flirty with Our Valentine's Day Mixes

Mix it up with our Valentine's Day mixes. You don't need cupid's arrows when you have Cupid's Love Potion. We've mixed sweet and crunchy by taking our freshly roasted peanuts and combining it with our special Valentine candy corn. And your sweetie won't be able to resist our Valentine Peanut Lover's Mix. Peanuts three ways—butter toffee, blanched and salted— mixed with chocolate gems make a sweet and salty treat. 

No matter if your sweetheart fancies chocolate, gummies, mixes or all of the above you can't go wrong with Albanese! Give a beary sweet gift this Valentine's Day and show your loved one just how much they mean to you.