New Year Same Us!

New Year Same Us!


We are so thrilled to be entering our 36th year of service to not only Northwest Indiana but to everyone worldwide who enjoys our brand (and to you future fans as well). We have made some great strides in the last 36 years and wanted to recap what we have been able to do because of you, our World's Best fans!


Through the Years


1998 -   Albanese invents a new technology to allow for greater flavor release from gelatins.

2001 -   Albanese breakthrough allows for even more sour flavor to be added to our gummies.

2002 -  Albanese wins the Professional Candy Buyer's Product of the Year award recognizing us for innovation in                                 gummi candies.

2003 -  Brought back the almost lost of art of rotogravure printing for use on all our packaging.

2006 -  Nominated again for the Product of Year in the non-chocolate category.

2006 -  Received the prestigious Technology Award for developing process of placing Omega 3 Fish Oil into a gummi.

2007 -   Developed the first ever probiotic gummi.

2008 -   Once again nominated for Product of the Year in the non-chocolate category. We may be the most nominated                         company!

2011 -  Received approval by the FDA for a Vegetable/Fruit snack for the school lunch program, exceeding the most                            demanding State requirements.

2011 -  Buyers Choice Best New Concept Product Showcase

2012 -  Developed the first ever gummi that does not freeze in ice cream.

2014 -  Best of Supplements Awards Winner.

2015 -  Innovation Most Innovative New Product Award winner for our World's Best Peanut Butter Peanut bags.

2016 -  Launched an Albanese flavored slushy.

2017 -  Nominated for Most Innovative New Product Award.



Our Vast Array of Products

  • 71 Different Gummi options including seasonal gummies
  • 75 Milk Chocolate options
  • 35 Dark Chocolate options
  • 11 Yogurt options
  • 9 Sugar Free Chocolate options
  • 6 Sugar Free Gummi options
  • 22 Nut Mixes including seasonal Mixes
  • Variety of Raw and Roasted/Salted Nuts


That's over 200 different items we manufacture!


We are adding new products every year so that number will only continue to grow as we continue to grow!


Looking back, we have come so far, but we aren't done yet! We will always continue to strive to be World's Best and bring you the best candy there is!


-Team Albanese