Tasty Chocolate Facts

Do you love chocolate? Maybe even refer to yourself as a chocoholic? Whether you crave milk or dark chocolate, there's something about the smooth, rich flavor that just seems to melt your worries away. Plus, it makes the perfect addition to any day! Check out these fun facts about chocolate that you may or may not know.

Cacao as Currency

The Aztecs valued cocoa so much that they used it as currency to buy other food and goods. They believed cocoa was given to them by their god and was more valuable than gold. Can you image what it would be like paying your monthly bills with our Milk Chocolate Creamy Meltaways or Milk Chocolate Haystacks? Pretty sweet, if you ask us.

It's Hard Work

While it's easy to devour your favorite Albanese chocolate, keep in mind chocolate making is not an easy task. In fact, it takes about 400 cocoa beans to make a one pound of chocolate. What's more, Americans delight in about 2.8 billion pounds (or 7 million cocoa beans) per year, which breaks down to about 11 pounds per person.

The Silver Screen

Get the heebie jeebies during gory movies? No need to while watching old black and white films because filmmakers used chocolate syrup as fake blood because it looked more real. Remember the famous shower scene in Psycho? Yup, chocolate syrup.  

The World's Best Chocolate

While you may know us for our gummies, did you also know we make the World's Best chocolate? That's right! For more than 30 years we've been making chocolate in the heart of the Midwest using a simple recipe that puts flavor and texture first while using the highest quality ingredients sourced exclusively from the U.S. and Europe. We know that as soon as you try Albanese chocolates – whether milk chocolate, dark chocolate, smooth and crunchy or sweet and salty—you'll immediately taste the difference.